Star Wars The Old Republic Expanding to 38 Countries

While there has been plenty of talk about BioWare’s and EA’s MMO Star Trek: The Old Republic suffering subscriber loss already, it seems that the game’s owners and operators have a great way to inoculate themselves from further erosion: making the game available in more countries. EA announced plans to launch the game deeper into Europe and in countries in the Middle East.

EA confirmed two of the countries that will be able to play SWTOR through their Origin service: Luxembourg and Tunisia. The publisher also noted that subscription fees will vary from country to country, but did not give any specific details. Launch details were also not disclosed and EA did not reveal if they were partnering with other companies to deliver the game in new regions.

All told, EA plans to roll the game out to 38 new countries.
The Old Republic currently sits at around 1.3 million subscribers. The highest number of subscribers the game has was in February of this year when it hit 1.7 million registered users.

Source: GamesIndustry International

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