Xbox Live: Great for Making New Friends, Setting up Drug Deals

Xbox Live is a great place to meet new friends and – apparently – the perfect venue for scoring a pot deal. But today we offer you a cautionary tale on making such deals: don't use the postal service to deliver that package. Nineteen-year-old Garrett Bryant is learning that lesson first-hand. Lawrenceburg, Kentucky police and the postal inspector allege that Bryant had a pound of marijuana mailed to him under a fake name.

The trouble started, according to police, when the package allegedly meant for Bryant was sent to the wrong address. The man there opened it, and to his surprise, found a bag of marijuana. He called police and the police in turn contacted the postmaster, who sent out a postal inspector.

"He was expecting clothing in the mail so he opened the package without looking at the address and what he found inside was not to be clothing," says Officer Josh Satterly of the Lawrenceburg Police.

The police and a postal inspector took the package and headed a few blocks over to the correct address on the package addressed to "David Smith."

"There was a name on the package of David Smith. Garrett Bryant accepted the package from the postal inspector. When he accepted the package and advised his name was David Smith, we executed a search warrant on the residence and that's when we recovered the pound of marijuana," says Officer Satterly.

Once that happened Bryant admitted to police that he made the deal with someone he met on Xbox Live who lives in California. Bryant claimed that he paid $2,300 for the pound of marijuana. He told police that he planned to sell it to "help his mother pay bills." Police aren't buying some of Bryant's story…

"We have reason to believe that he wasn't selling it for financial gain for his mother. He was using it for personal use as well. There's other ways to help out family than to sell drugs," says Officer Satterly.

While Bryant will face one count of trafficking in marijuana, he will not face a federal charge because he has cooperated fully with law enforcement.

Source: WKYT. "A coffee shop in Amsterdam selling cannabis" photo provided by Shutterstock.

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