EA Confirms Restructuring at EA Montreal Studio

April 27, 2012 -

EA's Montreal studio is reorganizing, with a change of focus from AAA titles like Army of Two (a game it developed) to more social and mobile game properties. Earlier reports, citing inside sources, had speculated that EA would lay off around 50 employees from the studio, but it is believed that many of those employees have simply been reassigned to other studios within EA's studio system. Naturally some people were laid off, but the extent of those layoffs remains unknown as of this writing.

"These are routine changes which address the cyclical nature of the game industry," an EA corporate communications representative told GamesIndustry International earlier this week. "A very small number of employees will be impacted -- many will be assigned to new projects at EA, others will leave the company."

"Overall, we expect that EA's headcount will be up at the end of this year," the EA representative added.

We will continue to follow this story as it develops.

Source: ShackNews


Re: EA Confirms Restructuring at EA Montreal Studio

Argh! And I was always so proud to say EA Montréal was a good studio where anyone would like to work...

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