Report: Dena, Gree Plan Caps on In-Game Purchases for 16-19-year-olds in Japan

Casual game giants Dena and Gree have agreed to enforce a new policy that will restrict how much 16 – 17 year-old consumers can spend on in-app purchases, according to a news report from Japan Times. The new self-regulating policy, according to that report, is in response to reports that Japan's youth in that age range are spending ridiculous amounts of money on in-game purchases. The company's might also be trying to avoid national in-app spending laws in Japan.

“They made the decisions in response to growing calls for such caps to be introduced as many young customers tend to spend tens of thousands of yen a month partly to obtain game characters,” the publication claimed.

The report goes on to say that Gree will put a spending cap on people ages 16 to 19 at around $125 per month on virtual items. Dena will implement a similar cap for 16 to 17 year-olds, according to the Japan Times report. The report also claims that a cap of around $60 will be put on those younger than 16 years of age.

Japan Times claim that its information comes from "inside sources." Dena and Gree have not confirmed the initiative.

Source: Develop

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