Blizzard Details Fees Related to Diablo III Auction House

Blizzard Entertainment released details on the "real world money" and in-game gold auction houses today for Diablo III. The in-game gold auction will open on May 15 when Diablo III officially launches, followed a week later by the in-game auction house that lets players buy and sell virtual items, consumables and game gold for cold, hard cash. Today via its official FAQ for the auction houses, Blizzard detailed what it will charge players for various types of transactions.

Like the game, real-world auction houses will be divided amongst three regions, and will use the currency of that region. For example, in the U.S. the currency will be the dollar; in Europe you'll be able to use the British Pound Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), and Russian Ruble (RUB); and in Asia they are apparently still figuring things out.

The fee break-down was also revealed:

For Equipment (weapons, armor, accessories, and other unique items)
•Transaction Fee (Gold Auction House): 15% of final sale price
•Transaction Fee (Real-Money Auction House): $1.00 USD per item / $1.00 AUD per item
•Transfer Fee (when sending proceeds to PayPal or other authorized payment-service provider): 15% of amount being transferred

For Commodities (gems, materials, dyes, pages, recipes, and other non-unique items)
•Transaction Fee (Gold Auction House): 15% of final sale price
•Transaction Fee (Real-Money Auction House): 15% of final sale price
•Transfer Fee (when sending proceeds to PayPal or other authorized payment-service provider): 15% of amount being transferred

Details on how the auction systems will work are detailed at length in this article.

And in case you've forgotten, Diablo III uses an "always-connected" system – meaning that you have to be logged in to your account to play multiplayer or single-player.

Diablo III releases on May 15 in North America.

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  1. 0
    Prof_Sarcastic says:

    Yes, but that is all pretty weak.  It's an explanation of why they WANT us to have to be online to play our offline game, but it certainly isn't necessary.  It's their choice, and in my view it was a poor choice, hence why I complain about it.

    It's not a deal-breaker to me.  I'll still buy the game, but all the time I play it I'll be annoyed that if I had a pirate copy I'd have been playing a BETTER (or at least, more convenient) game than the one I'll be paying money for.

  2. 0
    Reminator says:

    I can't remember where or when, but they stated reasons why they don't have an offline single player version.  First I'll explain the reason for the always connected feature.  We can all guess that part of was because they want to stop pirating.  But another obvious reason was to prevent egregious amounts of duping and hacking.  So that's the "multiplayer" side of things.  So what about an offline single player mode?  They understood that people may want to play offline in single player mode, but then came up the issue of what happens when they want that single player character to go online?  Would they keep multiplayer and single player completely separate, or interconnected in some way.  They didn't want to deal with that headache so they decided to just have multiplayer.

  3. 0
    Prof_Sarcastic says:

    If you think there will never be a single issue with those things when it goes live, you're a fool.  And if you DO think there will be occasional issues with those things, feel free to explain to me why they are necessary.


  4. 0
    SeanB says:

    You suffered from lag and disconnects, during the free to play beta, stress test weekend, when they intentionally overloaded the servers to see what would happen.

    boo hoo.

  5. 0
    DorthLous says:

    I love how everyone assume that people will make money there. Most MMO have shown us that people will drive down prices in a hurry and that's with virtual money. How bad do you think it'll get when someone will live off of it and "need" to sell?

    I also notice the lack of CAD. So the RUD is important enough, but not the CAD that is slightly more valuable than the USD? (($Lowered_Price – 1 USD) * 0.85) * hostile_change_rate (usually 0.95 or the like.) Yeah, there's an odd someone will make money out of it, but it's slim, very, very slim.

  6. 0
    Reminator says:

    Technically there is no "single player."  Just you playing in a game by yourself.  So yeah, you will be able to sell the items you get from "single player."

  7. 0
    Final11 says:

    The always-on thing makes sense considering the cash shop. However, if I can't sell the items I gain through single-player, then I'll have a problem.

  8. 0
    Prof_Sarcastic says:

    "It's a freaking ONLINE GAME."

    I tried out the free beta the other weekend.  There was nothing online about it, unless you made the game public.  When you go into a public match, yeah, obviously you will need internets.  Until and unless you do that, there is no good reason to require it.  I suffered from lag, disconnects and so on, for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

  9. 0
    SeanB says:

    "And in case you've forgotten, Diablo III uses an "always-connected" system – meaning that you have to be logged in to your account to play multiplayer or single-player."

    So what? It's a freaking ONLINE GAME. Do you complain that WoW doens't have an offline version?

    They were very up front with it, told us over a year in advance, and have developed the game to be an online game, rather than the asshats who just use it as a DRM scheme.

    Get over it already James.

  10. 0
    silversnowfox says:

    Exactly, rather then be cut out and allow for underground markets, they have instead cut themselves into the loop.  And for 15 % its not a bad thing.  Lets say that you just play the game and get all the way through all the difficulties and get some of the best gear in the game.  But then you want to leave?  Good luck on getting a return.  Now? You can get a return on the game without taking it to gamestop.

    Find where you can make money without people going crazy about it, and you shall.
    Build it, and they will come.

  11. 0
    Reminator says:

    I have to disagree with you there.  It will be inevitable that people sell their in-game items for real money, and so Blizzard saw a market in that.  So they decide to provide players a convenient and arguably safer way to make transactions with other players.  And by providing players that tool, I see no reason why they shouldn't get some of the profits.  Pretty much like eBay.  It would be pretty smart if other companies did this for their game.

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