The New Yorker: PS3 Jailbreaker George Hotz Talks Anonymous, Meeting with Sony

A new profile of George "Geohot" Hotz, the guy who jailbroke the iPhone and then the PlayStation 3, went live today in The New Yorker Magazine

The profile of the hacker that Sony sued for jailbreaking their console reveals two interesting things you may not have already known: Hotz's reaction to the news that Anonymous would retaliate against Sony for suing Hotz. His reaction to the news was one of deep concern that Sony would think "he had something to do with" whatever the hacktivist group had planned:

Back in his parents’ house, in front of the glowing computer screens in his cluttered bedroom, Hotz clicked with mounting apprehension through the news of Anonymous’s plans. “I hope to God Sony doesn’t think this is me,” he remembers thinking. He didn’t believe in secretive online warfare, much less in defecating on someone’s doorstep. “I’m the complete opposite of Anonymous,” he told me. “I’m George Hotz. Everything I do is aboveboard, everything I do is legit.”

In another part of the profile, it is revealed that Hotz was invited to meet with Sony engineers to discuss security issues months after his PlayStation 3 jailbreak.

"If there were going to be lawyers there I was going to be the biggest asshole ever," said Hotz.

Instead he encountered a group of engineers that he described as "respectful" and who were interested in his programming talents and how he used them to bypass the console's security.

You can read the entire profile here. Hotz now works for Facebook.

Source: The New Yorker

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