CCP Analyzes Aftermath of EVE Player Event ‘Burn Jita’

CCP Games said last week that it would not interfere in the player-created EVE Online in-game event "Jita Burning." The event that was planned for months by members of the Goonswarm alliance, and on Friday thousands of ships converged on the Jita trade hub for a massive and violent attack. The trading center of the EVE Online universe really was on fire.

Now that the dust has settled, developer CCP Games has taken the time to analyze the event. It offers its finding on the official EVE Online community site.

"Starting last Friday, it was on fire," CCP software director Erlendur S. Þorsteinsson wrote on the Eve Online community site. "Actually, Jita itself wasn't on fire, but thousands of players who normally find it a safe haven of trade and economic gameplay found their ships on fire – everything from a lonely hauler on up to the simply massive, highly-armoured freighters moving thousands of USD equivalents of ships and goods."

"It was a pretty big deal," Þorsteinsson said. "And it all happened because a few players wanted to make it happen and then, after convincing thousands of others to join them from around the world, they made it happen."

According to data gathered by CCP Games, the total damage inflicted over the three day event was 45,117,952 hit points doled out in 249,021 hits. CCP Games was also delighted that EVE players took videos and screenshots of the event, and got online to either boast about it or complain about it. Basically anyone in the vicinity of the hub was a participant whether they wanted to be or not.

You can read a detailed accounting of the event here.

Source: Eurogamer

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