Microsoft Dialing Sexy Back in Windows Phone Marketplace

Microsoft has decided that it’s time to eliminate some of the "racier" apps that are available on Windows Phone 7's app store. The announcement was made by Todd Brix, Microsoft's senior director for Windows Marketplace, on the company's blog.

While the Windows Phone Marketplace guidelines already ban "content that a reasonable person would consider to be adult or borderline adult content," Microsoft has decided to make that rule even tougher.

"Specifically, we will be paying more attention to the icons, titles, and content of these apps and expect them to be more subtle and modest in the imagery and terms used," wrote Brix. "This is about presenting the right content to the right customer and ensuring that apps meet our standards."

Brix said that one way developers of such apps could get around this is by using silhouettes as an alternative to images that might be considered too sexy. Microsoft also said that it would be contacting developers whose apps have been targeted under this new policy.

Source: BBC

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