Video Game Causes Bomb Scare

There's nothing wrong with being safe and cautious when it comes to suspicious packages. That's what local law enforcement thought as they called in the bomb squad for a suspicious package in the Township of St. Charles Illinois when someone spotted a small gray metal box near the Kane County Courthouse Wednesday morning.

The box was first spotted by security for the courthouse at 8:10 am, "stuck up on a berm, reinforced by stones, behind a bush in a landscaped area to the west of the courthouse entrance."

Because the box was in an odd location, security decided to call in the bomb squad.

“We knew it wasn’t there last night, so we treated it suspiciously,” Kane County Sheriff’s Lt. Pat Gengler said.

The Kane County bomb squad, patrol officers from the Sherriff's office and St. Charles police, closed the west parking lot near the Courthouse and used a robotic device to look into the box. Police also directed visitors to the courthouse to the east parking lot. Gengler said that the court's business for the day was not disrupted by all the security or the bomb scare and inevitably began the day's business at 10:00 a.m.

So what was in this mysterious metal box? Apparently three different law enforcement agencies converged on the county courthouse to find that the box contained a PlayStation 2 game, a weight loss video and a calculator.

"It looked like somebody threw something away they brought from home," Gengler said. He added that the Sheriff’s Department would continue to try to find the owner of the box. Indeed. Though police may just give the owner a citation for making them bring out the robot who loves to fondle explosive devices.

Source: Beacon News

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