Xbox 360, Windows 7 Banned in Germany

May 2, 2012 -

Motorola Mobility has won an injunction against Microsoft in Germany prohibiting the sale of products in the country including Windows 7 and the Xbox 360. The injunction is the latest punch thrown in a bitter patent lawsuit between Motorola and Microsoft

A court in Mannheim, Germany ruled today that several Microsoft products including Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, infringe on various Motorola patents relating to video compression technology, and that Microsoft must remove those items from German stores. At issue in the German ruling are two Motorola patents for H.264 video playback.

You may recall that a U.S. court ordered Motorola in April not to enforce the German ban - if it was granted to them by a German court - pending a ruling on a related patent dispute in Seattle. Because of the U.S. ruling Microsoft says that the chances of Motorola trying to enforce the German ban are somewhere between slim and none. Microsoft was also well prepared for the German ruling, having moved its European distribution operations from Germany to the Netherlands earlier in the year.

The next round will take place on May 7 when the U.S. District court in Seattle sorts through the patent dispute.

Source: Techland


Re: Xbox 360, Windows 7 Banned in Germany

The only winner with patent law is the lawyers.  They are laughing their way to the bank.

Re: Xbox 360, Windows 7 Banned in Germany

Willing to bet if someone walked into Motorola's offices every computer in there would be running on Windows 7.

And I love how vague their patents are.

Re: Xbox 360, Windows 7 Banned in Germany

This is going to get worse before it gets better, and I sincerely think the only solution is to end software patents entirely.

The big dogs can build up their portfolios and sue and countersue until they hit some magic number to settle on, which is fine and good for them -- but when one of the little guys stumbles upon some obvious process that shouldn't be patentable in the first damn place (like One-Click Ordering), he won't have the wherewithal to defend himself.

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