Community Driven Modern Warfare 3 Petition Encourages Boycott of DLC

A new petition is online to protest the release of DLC for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. More specifically protest organizers are urging the CoD community not to download and buy any DLC for the game until Infinity Ward and Activsion fix a number of problems with the core game. So far the petition has 240 signatures, the Twitter feed dedicated to it has 1183 followers and a YouTube video explaining what the protest is all about has been viewed 2400 times.

The protest calls for Activision and its Infinity Ward studio to fix problems with lag compensation, the "broken" spawn system, and problems with online matchmaking.

"Our goal is to show Activision and Infinity Ward just how many people are unhappy with the level of concern they show towards their consumers. We are all big Call of Duty fans," reads the online petition. "We want to LOVE this game. But these issues plague the game it are driving many to play other titles.

Join us in Not Purchasing DLC in MW3 going forward until these issues are resolved to make the game playable!"

You can find the petition here, you can follow them on Twitter – @MW3BlackOut  – and you can watch the YouTube video the group put together to your left.

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