EA Calls on Consumers to Help Improve Origin

EA's official blog is calling on all Origin customers to let them know what you love or hate about the digital distribution platform – either in the comments section of this blog post or as part of a special chat scheduled for May 8. EA admits that Origin has not been as well received as they would have liked and that the platform has its fair share of problems, but the blog post shows that the company is at least trying to make an effort to listen to consumers – many of which are locked into using the platform if they want to play many of EA's multiplayer-enabled games. From the blog:

"..you have a unique opportunity to engage us in conversation and help shape the future of Origin. That’s why we’d like to ask you to use take a moment and leave a comment about (1) Your favorite Origin feature and (2) A feature you’d like to see added or improved upon.

We will also be hosting a live Q&A with Origin Creative Director Robert Kissinger and Product Manager Mike Lewis this Tuesday, May 8 at 10:00 a.m. PST. Check back soon for more information and instructions on how to RSVP for this special event."

You can find out more at EA.com. If you really want to be heard on how Origin can be improved this is your chance to do so, and the probability that EA will listen to your concerns is a lot higher than usual…

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