Notch Criticizes EA’s ‘Indie Bundle’ on Steam

While publisher Electronic Arts has taken its fair share of chances on new properties from small independent studios, one would never dare to call them "indie." That would be like calling Walmart a mom-and-pop operation.. But a recent sale on Steam featuring several EA published games has agitated at least one high profile developer and has certainly made some gamers look up the definition of irony to see if EA's logo might be pictured somewhere nearby.

Electronic Arts recently announced the release of an "indie bundle" on Steam that includes such games as DeathSpank, DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue, Gatling Gears, Shank, Shank 2 and Warp. Mojang founder and Minecraft creator Markus Persson took issue with EA's claim of an indie bundle, saying the following via Twitter earlier this week:

"EA releases an 'indie bundle'? That's not how that works, EA," tweeted Persson. "Stop attempting to ruin everything, you bunch of cynical bastards. Indies are saving gaming. EA is methodically destroying it."

Persson is certainly not taking credit for single-handedly saving the game industry either and quickly pointed that out in a follow-up tweet:

"FYI, I don't even call Mojang indie any more,” he tweeted. “Vlambeer is indie. Polytron is indie. Stephen, Ed, Terry, Derek, Tommy and Chris are indie."

The oddest part of the whole story is that EA decided to do a bundle on Steam instead of Origin – its own digital distribution platform. It should also be noted that all of the aforementioned games in EA's bundle are great and worth owning. People are simply hung up on the semantics related to it…

Source: AlistDaily, image via Gamezone.

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    IanC says:

    Who is this guy anyway? Oh, Minecraft. Overrated.

    Those 6 games were published by EA Partners. They were developed by smaller developers. EA picked them up to publish. Still sounds Indie to me.


    Oh and FYI, its Activsion that are "destroying" gaming, at least as much as Ea and Capcom and the likes are.

    Indies "saving" gaming. Yeah right!

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    Hevach says:

    It happened faster than I would have expected, but you should have seen it coming.

    Look at the indie film festivals. What do you see? Big name A-list actors and directors, major studios. The only thing "indie" about most of it is the limited release schedule and lack of MPAA rating. There was a time when they were dominated by the product of unfunded but talented individuals trying to break into the industry. Now it's the industry trying to break out of itself, or at least look like it.

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