Romanian Artist Robs His Way to Success, Gets Called Out Online

An recent exhibition in Romania called "UpDate 3D Loading" by an artist named Iani Papadopol was a big hit with attendees. Some called his work brilliant and amazing. It turns out that the art on display was amazing, but it just wasn't the product of Papadopol because it was all stolen. According to a Kotaku report Papadopol stole the art from various respected artists working in the game industry including Daniel Dociu, Craig Mullins, Mathias Verhasselt and Sparth (and from various publishers who own the rights to many of these games).

The majority of the art co-opted by Papadopol was repurposed concept art from a number of video games. Papadopol was quickly called out online by video game fans and some of the artists he stole from.

And apparently stealing from video game artists is a favorite pastime of Papadopol, who listed some video game art (created by Craig Mullins and Daniel Dociu) on his personal blog as far back as 2009.

Source: Kotaku, image via Kotaku.

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