UKIE Sponsors Games Britannia Festival

UK video game industry trade group UKIE will sponsor the Games Britannia Festival, it announced today. Games Britannia is a week-long festival that brings British video game talent into the classroom, giving students a unique insight into the skills, techniques and qualifications required to have a successful career in the gaming industry. Over 1000 children, between the ages of 5 – 18 have already signed up to attend, according to UKIE. The event is scheduled to take place July 2 – 6.

"We are delighted to be supporting Games Britannia," said UKIE CEO Jo Twist. "It’s going to be a fantastic festival and an important one in driving forward our shared goal of using something everybody loves, games, to get them interested in studying maths, physics, art and computer science. Having over 1000 children signed up already shows the appetite there is to understand more about how to make games, how the games industry works and gives us a wonderful opportunity to get children to have fun while they understand a bit more about the skills needed to create the next generation of video games."

"Having the UK games industry support us through Ukie is vital for Games Britannia, and will provide inspiration and aspiration for the many children that will take part, "Games Britannia Director of Brinsworth Academy Mark Hardisty said. "Their work in helping get computer science onto the national curriculum has opened the door for thousands of children to learn how to code. Games Britannia is all about making sure that children know more about the skills required to make a video game and take advantage of the opportunities that are there.”

Games Britannia was created at Brinsworth Academy and will be supported by staff at Sheffield Hallam University. Senior Lecturer in Game Development at Sheffield Hallam, Dr. Jacob Habgood noted in today's announcement that the "motivation and commitment shown by Brinsworth’s staff has been humbling."

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