'The Deal With Jack Hunter' Tackles CISPA

May 5, 2012 -

Conservative-Tea Party-Libertarian activist and Ron Paul operative Jack Hunter tackles CISPA in the latest edition of his web show "The Deal with Jack Hunter" over on The Daily Caller. The show opens with a clip of a story about Congresswoman Jane Harman (D-California), who wrote a scathing letter to Attorney General Eric Holder because her phone had been wiretapped.

Apparently when she was voting for the "Patriot Act" she didn't realize that she gave federal law enforcement agencies the power to conduct warrantless wiretaps on American citizens. The clip is followed by a befuddled Harman trying to square her vote for the Patriot Act with her outrage at being subject to it on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer (CNN). 

This often happens with politicians who don't really understand the legislation they are passing, because most of the time they have a lot of help writing these bills. Hunter's point? When lawmakers pass legislation like CISPA, NDAA, and the Patriot Act they don't see the unintended consequences of these laws; in other words they don't understand how these laws can be used to undermine basic civil rights under the constitution.


Re: 'The Deal With Jack Hunter' Tackles CISPA

Congresswoman votes for Patriot Act, not understanding what it means. Congresswoman gets wiretapped without a warrant. Oh, sweet sweet justice... 


Re: 'The Deal With Jack Hunter' Tackles CISPA

isn't it fun when things finally come full swing?

karma's a bi***.

Re: 'The Deal With Jack Hunter' Tackles CISPA

you know, if i was so inept at my own job that i needed lots of help at completing the most basic tasks that were performed by it, i wouldnt be working there any more.

Re: 'The Deal With Jack Hunter' Tackles CISPA

In politics ineptitude is grounds for promotion not dismissal.

Re: 'The Deal With Jack Hunter' Tackles CISPA

This is true in many places, not just politics.  It's sometimes called the Dilbert Principal.  The idea is to push incompetent people up the chain of command, away from positions where they might do things and cause damage.  To apply to concept to politics, I guess she would have to eventually become President.

Re: 'The Deal With Jack Hunter' Tackles CISPA

ugh i had a principal they did that with.. and a Chief..

the chief had NEVER been deployed ship board.. he had NO IDEA wtf he was doing.. burned the paint off of one side of our jets.. and of course the grunt workers got blamed for it... freaken SoB got bounced all over the command, he was useless at EVERYTHING... but hey, just don't mention his captain brother and your safe..


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