Information Technology Industry Council Holds Party to Celebrate CISPA Passage

It's bad enough that Congress pushed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) through to a floor vote without much of a change to its original language or hearings from experts on what the impact of the bill would have on privacy, but this next story is downright infuriating to any citizen that believes we have a right to privacy and that the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution is a sacred right.

According to NextWeb, late last week at the Sonoma restaurant and wine bar in Washington D.C., the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) held a party to celebrate the passage of CISPA.

During the celebration ITI CEO Dean Garfield talked about the bill's passage in the House only represented "half-time" for its members. Also at the party were ITI’s Tom Gavin and Nilmini Rubin, TechAmerica’s Liesyl Franz, Heather Molino from Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger’s office, Symantec’s Dena Graziano and Tim Molino from BSA.

If those names don't bother you then the names of companies that are members of the ITI surely will: Adobe, Apple, Cisco, Dell, eBay, HP, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Nokia, SAP, Sony, and VMware. The full list can be found here.

Perhaps it is time that regular, everyday citizens tell ITI that the party is over and there's no cause for celebration. How can we do that? By sending them your thoughts through the ECA's advocacy pages.

While you're at it, use this action kit to oppose CISPA in the best way you can.

[Full disclosure: GamePolitics is an ECA publication.]

Source: NextWeb

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