Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 1: Used Games and a Tangled Web

May 7, 2012 -

Episode #1 of the Super Podcast Action Committee takes on the thorny issue of used games. Why do some developers and publishers hate them so much and why do they think it would be "awesome" if the next generation of home consoles from Sony and Microsoft blocked used games altogether? We try to figure it all out... Hosts Andrew Eisen and E. Zachary Knight also discuss "Operation Tangled Web," a series of indictments led by the United States Attorney General's office against individuals who sell mod chip for video game systems. Andrew also talks about some controversy surrounding his latest YouTube video, and Zachary reveals his thrifty side.

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The Super Podcast Action Committee is a weekly show hosted by E. Zachary Knight and Andrew Eisen, and produced by James Fudge. Music in this episode includes "Albino" by Brian Boyko and "Barroom Ballet" by Kevin MacLeod. Both are in the public domain and are free to use.


Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 1: Used Games ...

Thanks for the comments and feedback Zippy!

Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 1: Used Games ...

The worst of it is the odd sound levels, speech needs to be higher , if it were perhaps music would not sound so loud, if you have a sound mixer editor that have track selection(assuming you have separate tracks for music and speech) you can play with the audio levels and watch out for clipping in the wave form digital sound graph.

Also if you do not have an amp/mixer or whatever, get a quite timer and or use the mute button to stop the mics from recording, this way music can be added post production and you do not need a mixer or mixer application as any sound editor should be able to edit and merge them together.

Sorry if I am reiterating anything and keep up the good work!


....these new meds ARE GREAT!!!!!! I wonder when I will be sucking the ground again >< LOL


Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Let's renegotiate them.




Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 1: Used Games ...

And my sister Kelly (or "Keleigh" as she insists on spelling it) makes a surprise cameo at about the 35 minute mark!


Andrew Eisen

Re: Super Podcast Action Committee - Episode 1: Used Games ...

Might want to cut back the music audio levels by 10-15%. And rise speech audio by 30-50%.

And yes I have sound maxed out. I am curios how are you mixing the audio?Its good to have music, FX and speech on different tracks.

Now mind you I am listening to it through the crappy video window, sounds better on itunes and via download.

Focus and try and not stutter/ramble so much, also dead sound is bad, unless its part of a humors bit.(I know I know I breath through my mouth and stutter every 2 words :P not to mention the rambling........bbwwaaiinnnssssssssss).

So far good podcast coherent subjects that run well with each other for the most part the flow/pacing is good.

You need to zip or rar the download because for me and others it will automatically play it with no option to download, Maybe get a player that allows for a seamless download option.

More to come as I listen to the podcast. I hope I r helpful.........

Used games not on new consoles. Meh Nintendo could well put a sticker that says we play older games too, but they ditched BWC a shame.

I see $ony and M$ going the PC route and crush anything that appears to lose them money. IE Used games.

Also I would not say AA or better PC games are digital only, they are not, overstatement this is... Sure you have more PC titles that are digital only but mostly b-- and worse with a few A or the like in there.
Game stop is the console makers enemy , without the console makers Game stop is dead.

In this day and age nearly anyone can run a drop ship mail system where you take in the order for a game/dvd,ect and pass it on to the consumer at normal retial prices.

Game stop is a dyeing dino  more so than the console war model we consumers still sell organs for.

Cryisis sucks, Cryostasis rules. Ubisoft is snorting white lines leading to tall cliffs.....

7-25 wire mod chips for the portable you get carts that plug and play.

Lets just say moding your console is a quick way to fry it unless you are an apt electrician.

I'd like to see how many rules/laws were broken to get them, due process dose not take years......

Oh ya....turn your phones off while you do pod helps lower time and keep the project on track.


Got a couple neats links here


IMO copy right can not used in the digital age its to broken and to antiquated, you need a better system to determent where theft and real damage is being done to an IP and IMO its based on profit, if its not trying to make a profit or not making a profit it can do no harm to an IP. is to loud and clips ><

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Let's renegotiate them.




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