Team Meat Expresses Hate for Freemium Mobile Games

May 7, 2012 -

"Hate" is a pretty strong way of describing something that you might find slightly off-putting but that's the word that Edmund McMillen of Team Meat describes "freemium games." The maker of Super Meat Boy recently said on his team blog that free-to-play mobile games have a "lack of respect for players."

"As many of you may have noticed, there is a whole shit load of wrong [with the mobile market] out there these days, from abusive and manipulative money making tactics, to flat out stealing," wrote McMillen. "To us the core of what is wrong with the mobile platform is the lack of respect for players, it really seems like a large number of these companies out there view their audience as dumb cattle who they round up, milk and then send them on their way feeling empty or at times violated..."

He goes on to say that too many of these supposedly free-to-play games spend more time dangling carrots that users have to pay for than they do with creating gameplay that's worth completing without expensive incentives that make things easier for the player.

"[This] business tactic is a slap in the face to actual game design and embodies everything that is wrong with the mobile/casual video game scene," said McMillen. "[We] want to make a game that we would love to see on the platform, a feature length reflex driven platformer with solid controls that doesn't manipulate you with business bullshit in order to cash in."

You can read his entire rant here.

Source: The Escapist


Re: Team Meat Expresses Hate for Freemium Mobile Games

if he thinks thats bad, what about the ones where you pay to get the game, then have to pay just to complete it reasonably?

sure it can be done without buying things, but if you don't you pretty much ruin the gameplay for yourself and make it hundreds times harder and longer.


Re: Team Meat Expresses Hate for Freemium Mobile Games

"Team Meat", ranting about lack of other people having respect.  *headdesk*

Re: Team Meat Expresses Hate for Freemium Mobile Games

Kinda the flip side of what EA and other AAA production houses do.

Copyright infringement is nothing more than civil disobedience to a bad set of laws. Let's renegotiate them.




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