Blizzard: Forty Second Delays May Be Added to Login Time at Diablo III Launch

Blizzard may have to trigger delays of up to 40 seconds when users log in to to play Diablo III at launch on or around May 15. Those that fail to log in will get an "error 37 message," which may confuse them but they should simply try to log in again.

"It's possible we'll need to adjust the rate at which we're logging people in to ensure a stable experience, and if we do you may see a delay when attempting to login," Blizzard warned customers. "Please be aware that a delay of up to 40 seconds is possible while the game attempts to connect you. If your connection doesn't succeed in 40 seconds, you'll be presented with an Error 37 message and asked to try again.

The company is recommending that future Diablo III players create their BattleTags in advance of the game's launch if they haven't already done so to avoid delays in playing. In other words they expect servers to be bum rushed on launch.

"We expect that on launch night both the game service and website will be under very heavy strain due to the immense number of people excited to be among the first playing Diablo 3. With that in mind, we highly recommend you create your BattleTag now, as it's required to play Diablo 3."

On "error 37" Blizzard says not to worry too much about it.

"If you see this error it does in fact mean that you should try again. We'll be working around the clock to keep you informed of any issues that are occurring through the in-game breaking news window, as well as the official forums."

Blizzard also said that Global Play won't available until after the PC exclusive launches in the United States (12.01 am PT on May 15).

"We'll provide an update once Global Play is enabled, and you'll then be able to change the region you connect to through the game's options," Blizzard said. "Please note that characters, items, and friends lists do not transfer across regions and players who use Global Play to connect outside of their home region will only be able to access the gold-based auction house."

The reason all of this is problematic is because the game requires players to be logged in in order to play even single player. When log in problems occur or servers go down, this effectively stops everyone from playing a game that requires a constant connection.

Source: Eurogamer

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    djnforce9 says:

    Sadly, it's still a few more months before Torchlight II is released. Outside of Steam, there is no real DRM on that title.


    For Diablo III, it would have been nice if Blizzard waived the login requirement for the first while (or altogether preferably) so that there won't be any inevitable issues getting the game running at launch. Basically have characters that have to remain offline versus ones that can be taken online via logging in.

  2. 0
    Overcast says:

    Agree 100% Paketep, I *used* to run out on release day and get every Blizzard game, but no more. Not after what I heard about SC2's launch, the requirement for LAN play, the bans for people running 'cheats' on single player, etc.

    Keep your stuff Blizzard – that company really went down the tubes after being bought out – but that's pretty typical. Take the gamers out of the company and put in the corporate stiffs and this is the result!

    I suspect WoW was the last real solid success we'll see out of Blizzard – such a shame they had to sell out.

    "The reason all of this is problematic is because the game requires players to be logged in in order to play even single player. When log in problems occur or servers go down, this effectively stops everyone from playing a game that requires a constant connection."

    But hey – not a problem for me at all! I'll keep playing games made by other companies.

    Keep in mind before considering buying this – WOW takes their servers down half the day every Tuesday I think it is – do you really want it impacting your single player game with the servers for this game go down?

    Sad part is, there will probably be rips on Torrent in 24 hours that won't be dependent on Battle.Net, but I'm not one to pirate, so I'll just skip this totally. Lots of good games out there now anyway to choose from, no need to put extra restrictions on my games.

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    GoodRobotUs says:

    And so DRM cripples the players' experience of a new game again…

    Tell us again about how it's the pirates that are driving people away from the products….

  4. 0
    djnforce9 says:

    Normally true but I doubt pirates will be amongst the first to play Diablo III. It takes time to crack a game, test it, and then have it spread amongst the general public. This problem should hopefully die down once that initial rush is over thereby allowing you to log in normally. I remember this happening with Starcraft 2 as well (although this is probably going to be even more extreme given how long people have waited for this game).

  5. 0
    tallimar says:

    instead of subjecting myself to these kinds of DRM schemes, think im going to pull out some of my old games that dont make asinine demands from me (been playing Arcanum again lately).

  6. 0
    paketep says:

    Yay for Blizzard!. Nothing like stupidly force everybody to login to your platform even if your users would prefer to play alone or on a LAN. Hell, whatever it takes to pass everybody in front of the damned auction house in the hopes that they'll buy something.

    It's sad that Kotick's dirty hands destroyed one of the best companies that existed.

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