CCP Offers UK Players a Currency Alternative for EVE Subscriptions

May 8, 2012 -

CCP Games announced some good news for EVE Online players in the United Kingdom: UK players will be able to pay £9.99 for their monthly EVE Online subscriptions in pounds sterling. The alternate payment method was introduced, they say, to accommodate requests by the UK Community to pay in British Pounds rather than in Euros. This means that UK customers are saving about 20 percent on the price of their EVE subscriptions.

The change in payment methods is the result of a recent EVE Online meet up in London, where members of the development team listened to the concerns of its UK players in attendance.

On a related note, the next major expansion for the game, EVE Online: Inferno, will be released to all paid and trial subscribers May 22.

For more on this topic, check out the EVE Online developer blog. EVE Online currently has more than 400,000 global subscribers playing in the same universe, according to CCP Games.

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