Switzerland Will Not Sign ACTA

According to web site Geneva Lunch, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) quietly suffered another setback today in Switzerland where the Swiss Federal Council said it would not sign the agreement. 

The Federal Council noted on Wednesday that since negotiations for the treaty concluded "criticism of ACTA has continued to grow in a number of countries." The Federal Council went on to say that they are taking fears expressed about ACTA "seriously because they concern fundamental liberties and important legal provisions."

Yesterday we reported that the Greens party in Australia demanded that the government there back away from ratifying the treaty. Meanwhile German politicians are recommending to "developing countries" that they should avoid being part of the treaty.

Beyond the protests on the streets and online across Europe, many in the European Union see the treaty as overkill because EU law covers a lot of what the treaty calls for. At the end of the day politicians see it as not worth spending the political capitol on when so many of its citizens don't like it.

Source: Geneva Lunch

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