Frogster to Return Blood to European TERA Players Next Week

You may recall last month that European players of the MMO TERA were up in arms over the fact that the game in their region had been stripped of blood. They started a petition and took to forums to complain about it with much gusto.

According to a Eurogamer report, game operator Frogster has decided that it will patch the red stuff back into the game. The ratings board for Europe will allow Frogster to do this and to keep its current rating of PEGI 12 (equivalent to a Teen rating in North America), with one small difference – according to a Frogster representative:

"The only major difference with the North American version of Tera is the blood splatter effect … is not going to appear in our version," says Lucile Le Merle, a community manager. "It's going to be a slightly modified effect. But the blood is coming back."

Along with the return of blood to the game, the update will also add guild emblems – another feature that was removed after initially being available.

"[Apart] from the eventual Nazi symbols or peado/pornographic images, there was also a high threat in terms of security, in case someone wanted to upload a virus," Le Merle explained.

These emblems will exist in the game's client and leave a player's hard drive out of the equation, although Frogster will be on the lookout for offensive images. Other changes in this upcoming update include chat filter refinements, bug fixes, and an end-game political system.

All of this will happen next week.

Source: The Escapist by way of Andrew Eisen.

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