Peter Moore: EA Loves What Retail Does for Them

May 10, 2012 -

Speaking at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch 2012 Global Technology Conference this week, Electronic Arts chief operating officer Peter Moore has said that retail is still "where it's at" for most customers, despite the amazing growth for the company in the digital space. Moore also noted that retail is a very important part of EA's ongoing strategy because it provides the sizzle and spectacle the company wants for its huge releases and disc-based retail games provide EA with a metric to measure how much they can monetize a purchase.

"Once we get that disk installed in the tray of an Xbox or a PS3, we then look at our consumer on an ARPU [average revenue per user] basis," he said. "We love what retail does for us. We love its ability to create massive launches and create excitement. GameStop probably sees three million hardcore gamers walk through their doors every day, and that's a marketing opportunity for us."

Moore also said that the PlayStation Network security breach still worries many consumers - which means they have more trust of a sale at a traditional retailer than a digital one because they know the transaction will be secure. He also noted that many consumers still don’t have access to a credit card.

Finally, Moore said that downloadable content has performed well alongside retail releases. He used the Mass Effect 3 DLC as a prime example. He claims the game had a 40 percent attach rate to DLC in its first week of release at GameStop.

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Re: Peter Moore: EA Loves What Retail Does for Them

After BF3 I quit buying EA games [Then I realized that Dead Space 3 will be by EA :(] because of this blatant money grabs they are getting away with, and now flaunting.

I don't mind paying $60 if its a game I'm really looking forward to, like Bioshock Infinite, but chances are I'll wait til Steam puts it on sale or until the price of a used copy drops to around $40.

Re: Peter Moore: EA Loves What Retail Does for Them

"The other key thing is selling digital content on the day of launch... Not only are you selling a $60're selling $20 DLC, so the sale becomes $80."

Which is exactly why I don't bother with those games, Peter.  $80 is simply way more than I'm willing to pay.


Andrew Eisen

Re: Peter Moore: EA Loves What Retail Does for Them

Amen, brother.

Come to think about it, $60 is more than I'm willing to pay. That's why I buy a new game every few years, and it's usually Grand Theft Auto. But since it's once every few years, and it's Grand Theft Auto, I 'might' get the Collectors' / limited edition for a bit more, if it's available.

Key word: 'might'

 - W

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