Some Consumers Say They Were ‘Misled,’ Want Refund for Minecraft on Xbox 360

According to this Kotaku report Microsoft is refusing to give some customers a refund for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. Why would people want a refund? Well, yesterday Kotaku uncovered the fact that if you don't own a high definition television set then the game won't allow you to play split-screen multiplayer with friends. And while that might not seem like a big deal, many of the customers who bought the game to play it that way had no idea of the requirement until they actually sat down to play the game in that mode.

That's because no one involved in bringing the game to the Xbox 360 bothered to put some sort of notification of the HD TV requirement in the game's description, advertising, or anywhere else. Kotaku points out that the demo does contain a warning – if you try to play it in local split-screen… The story came to light when one customer named Andrew King emailed them.

A few consumers claim that they have successfully received refunds from Microsoft customer support, but other have not been so lucky, and when Kotaku contacted them the representative they spoke to said that refunds were dependent on a number of factors including who was handling your claim..

You can read the rest of the tale at Kotaku, but the point that customers who feel bamboozled by Microsoft want to convey is that they should have been warned well in advance of purchasing the game. Personally we think Microsoft would look pretty lame if they didn't add a warning somewhere in the description of the game on the Xbox Live Marketplace, within the game demo somewhere during start-up or shortly thereafter on one of the loading screens.

It also wouldn't hurt if someone patched the game to make split-screen multiplayer work for people that don't happen to have a high definition TV either considering how popular Minecraft is as a franchise. You would be surprised how many regular, every day consumers don't own one yet…

Source: Kotaku

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