Atari Revenues Slip as it Sticks the Fork in Eden Games

Atari reported a fiscal year decline in revenue, revealing that it raked in about $51.3 million (39.6 million euros) for the year, down from $77.8 million (60.1 million euros) in 2011.

The company had a smaller loss in its latest fiscal year – $4.8 million (3.7 million euros) down from $8 million (6.2 million euros). The smaller loss is the result of a studio shutdown, a divestment of assets, and a sell-off of some of its holdings. Atari officially closed Eden Games, the French studio best known for creating the popular racing title Test Drive Unlimited 2. Given that the company laid off most of the studio's staff last year, there was no human suffering involved with this move. Atari also sold off the studio's remaining assets, as well as its stake in the French video game channel GameOne.

Atari will put a sharper focus on making mobile game titles, but the company noted that some of its revenues were down because it is still building its business in that space. Moving forward, Atari says that it will focus on the mobile and free to play space, and continue to sell games on digital distribution platforms.

Source: Gamasutra


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