Gate Five’s Lawsuit against Beyonce Set for This Summer

We thought that a Manhattan judge had already green lighted a lawsuit filed by game developer Gate Five to sue pop icon Beyonce for $100 million way back in December of 2011, but a new New York Post story about the lawsuit says that Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Charles Ramos has ruled that the singer will have to face the "breach of contract" lawsuit filed by the company sometime this summer.

The development studio is suing the singer for $100 million dollars. They were developing a music game called Starpower: Beyonce, which they claim, the singer backed out of in December of 2010 right before they were about to secure financing for the project. With the deal basically dead, the company claims they were forced to lay off 70 employees.

The lawsuit was originally filed in April of 2011.

Gate Five lawyer Peter Gallagher told the Post that he was pleased with the ruling, while Beyonce's lawyers had no comment…

Judge Ramos made this latest ruling because he learned that lawyers for the singer were actively working on a $20 million deal with the studio, and then abruptly backed out. He said that they should have given Gate Five notice.

Source: New York Post, Image via Wikipedia.

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