UK PEGI Ratings Bring Penalties to Careless Retailers

One of the things we did not note when we wrote about it earlier this week is that, with the PEGI rating system coming to the United Kingdom, there will be a change in the law that retailers will want to take note of. According to the official release from the Department for Culture Media and Sports (DCMS) the Video Standards Council (VSC) will have the right to "refuse to grant an age-rating for a video game if it includes extreme content” (which means it can’t be sold in the UK).

More importantly the PEGI ratings system for the UK will have a legal penalty and a fine for retailers who knowingly sell games to children that are outside their age range.

"The Government is making the age-12 rating legally enforceable for the first time, which means anyone selling an age-12 game to someone under that age could be jailed," the report reads.

The new system is expected to be in place by July, according to that report. You can check the whole thing out here.

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