AT&T Suspends U-Verse on Xbox Live

Not long ago AT&T U-verse TV customers could order a "hardware kit" for their Xbox 360 that allowed them to use Microsoft's console as a set-top box. But according to a report from, AT&T has suspended the program so that it can improve the service. In a statement on its website for the service AT&T wrote:

"We apologize, but the AT&T U-verse TV for Xbox 360 Hardware Kit is not currently available for ordering as we work to improve and enhance this functionality."

When asked for further comment on the change in availability, an AT&T spokesperson told the publication: "To ensure our new customers have the best possible experience, the kits will not be available until the new enhancements and functionality are added."

A time-frame for a return of the service to Xbox Live was not disclosed or offered by the spokesperson. AT&T had around 3.99 million U-verse TV customers. The service allowed them to watch live TV, video on demand, and DVR recordings from the Xbox 360.

AT&T charged customers $99 for the U-verse on Xbox kit, which consisted of a Motorola HomePNA adapter and a Microsoft Media Remote Control. AT&T also charged a $55 installation fee to existing U-verse TV members. The service also requires an Xbox Live Gold account, and subscriptions to U-verse TV with one standard receiver and U-verse High-Speed Internet.

Much like Comcast does with its Xfinity service on Xbox Live, AT&T exempts customers from its 250-Gigbyte cap when they use the U-Verse services.

Source: Slashgear

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