MLB2K12 Perfect Game Challenge Marred by Controversy

Has one (or more) of the top competitors in 2K Sports' MLB2K12 Perfect Game Challenge cheated his way to the top? That is the contention of several reports, who say that one of the top contenders in the pitching competition using 2K Sports' popular MLB title has used an exploit to make his way to the top of the heap.

In case you are not familiar with the competition, 2K Sports pays out $1 million to the winner of their Perfect Game Challenge, who has to pitch a perfect game against the AI. If a player is capable of such a feat they are entered into their bracket to play against other players who have completed the same challenge. The ultimate goal is to be the best and be awarded a big fat check on a special Spike TV presentation.

But apparently some of this year's competitors may have used an exploit to get ahead. According to Deadspin's Owen Good, a technical glitch in the game has been used by some players to make pitching a perfect game a breeze:

"Two days ago, I reported on an exploit within MLB 2K12's $1 Million Perfect Game Challenge, in which contestants in the qualifying round of the contest could substitute opposing batters before the game began and still throw an eligible perfect game. I reported very strong evidence indicating that one of the eight finalists 2K Sports is flying to New York this week used the exploit in pitching his perfect game. And that same person has said he believed others in the finalist pool used it too."

According to Good's reporting, William Haff used this method to advance. He claims that his perfect game was legitimately earned, and 2K Sports said that its promotion was run properly. Text messages attributed to Haff shrug off the exploit as not being illegal moves because there's nothing about it in the rules.

2K Sports crowned 21-year-old Christopher Gilmore the winner after he defeated Charlie Bates in the final round of the MLB 2K12 Perfect Game Challenge. That battle will air on Spike TV’s 30-minute special highlighting the Perfect Game Challenge on May 24 at 11:30 PM.

Source: TechDirt by way of Uncharted NES

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