Seventy-Five Percent of Rural Residents Think Broadband Improves ‘Quality of Life’

According to a new survey from NetAmerica Alliance that polled 800 rural residents, three out of four respondents said that having access to high speed internet is important to maintaining their quality of life. The contents of the survey was revealed to Telecompetitor. Nine out of 10 respondents also said that local access to high speed internet access is "economically vital." Two-thirds of those polled also said that having Internet communications and access to entertainment online helps play a major role in living outside a metro area.

Three in five respondents also said they would subscribe to 4G services if they were made available in their area. Half of respondents said that the Internet is important to them when they are not at home.

Some other interesting data from the survey: 92 percent of respondents prefer to do business locally; 89 percent think it is a responsibility to make their communities a better place; 72 percent of rural residents age 30 – 49 own a laptop, while 73 percent own a desktop PC; 59 percent of rural residents 65+ years old own a desktop, while 44 percent own a laptop; and interest in 4G services is fueled by people want faster browsing and download speeds (59 percent) and improved content streaming (25 percent).

Source: Telecompetitor

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    haroldjames says:

    Well its good to know that people have started using and learning internet as internet has become an essential part of life. Rural area people know so much about internet and all the 3G and 4G services.

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    beemoh says:

    Two of those three, however, are the livestock who will be left in peace when their owner has unfettered access to internet pornography.


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