Journey of Jesus: The Calling Ain’t Afraid of No Stinking Demons

Fox News has an interesting story on one developer who is not afraid to go head-to-head with Blizzard's Diablo III – in fact their game features the ultimate demon fighter (sans the actual fighting with demons). While Blizzard was launching one of the biggest games of the year, Christian software developer Lightside Games was launching a new Facebook game featuring Jesus called Journey of Jesus: The Calling. They call it the first-ever game based on the life of Jesus. Besides delivering the story of Jesus and his ministry, the game lets players explore familiar biblical locations, search for items and interact with the politicians and religious orders of the era.

"Both games immerse the player, and you are what you eat," Dusing said in a statement to Fox News. "While one game goes one direction, ‘Journey of Jesus: The Calling’ players walk in the Messiah’s steps, in an authentic experience of Israel in Christ’s time."

But even Fox News is wise enough to mention that in Diablo III you are the good guy saving the world.

To play the new Facebook game, players simply search for the app and install it. Lightside describes its game as such: "Play the first ever video game about Jesus! A fun adventure quest game where you overcome obstacles, fulfill missions, and participate in miracles. Play the story of Jesus!" Prior to tackling the story of Jesus, Lightside told the story of the old Testament hero Moses in the game "The Journey of Moses."

"Why would a theologian endorse a social-gaming game?," asked Darrell Bock, research professor of New Testament studies with the Dallas Theological Seminary rhetorically in the press release announcing the game’s release. "Because 300 million people weekly log on to social games and because 'Journey of Jesus: The Calling' takes players closer to the life of Christ in a fun, reflective and entertaining way."

Lighside claims that more than 2 million players played its last social game, Journey of Moses. That game launched in 2011.

Source: Fox News

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