Looking for Treasure: ARQ Quest Crowdfunding Drive

In November of last year a Marine Archaeological company that has been working in the waters around Africa and Asia for the last 17 years decided that they wanted to bring their experience in deep sea treasure hunting to life as a video game, so they began working with Estoril, Portugal-based developer Arqueonautas to build a strategy game called ARQ Quest. In the game, players take on the task of creating the perfect atmosphere for treasure hunting – from building the perfect team of specialists, and investing research, to buying the right equipment and stocking up supplies.

From there players will search for wrecks to investigate. When on a given mission players will send crew members down into the depths while avoiding dangers like sharks and running out of air. Unlike sharks, some of your challenges will be of the two-legged variety – corrupt politicians, pirates and aggressive competition.

While they have an abundance of real-world experience and inspiration, they lack the resources to continue to develop the game so they have launched an appeal on IndieGoGo.com, the indie-focused crowdfunding website. So far they haven't raised much, but if you like the project you can help them out by funding the rest of this game's development. It is certainly a unique game concept that could work well as a real-time strategy game.

Check out the video for some more background on the game, the developer making it and the company that has inspired it. The game also aims to bring awareness to the importance of preserving world maritime heritage, as well as, helping to fund future expeditions with revenue generated by it.

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