Official Battlefield 3 Servers Return

May 15, 2012 -

Last week we reported that official DICE and EA servers had disappeared from the server list for Battlefield 3 - replaced by servers leased by players for $30 a month. After some public outcry over losing access to "vanilla" servers from EA from fans, EA and developer DICE have decided to bring some of those "official" servers back online.

Speaking to GamesBeat, an EA representative told the publication: "You should see DICE-hosted servers up today. I do not have the exact percentage or number of servers, but we’ll continue to monitor this to make sure all players are having the best possible gameplay experience."

A quick search by GamesBeat reveals that 170 official DICE Battlefield 3 servers are now back online and ready for play.

We're glad to hear that EA listened to customers on this and saw their point of view.

Source: GamesBeat


Re: Official Battlefield 3 Servers Return

I'd say this is a win, but the current floating rumors are that EA is going to start offering a CoD Elite like feature for BF3. So, for 50 bucks a year to use Battlelog, they could stand to lose money on server rentals.

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