Eurogamer v. Eurogamer: Dueling Diablo III Editorials

Eurogamer has two great editorials on Diablo III – one called "Always Online: What Diablo 3's Does Right " and another called "Always Online: What Diablo 3's Does Wrong." Both make valid points about the game and its requirement that players always be connected to – even when playing the single-player campaign.

More importantly, both articles will have people that either enthusiastically agree with the points being made or violently disagree. I think the community who has struggled with the launch of Diablo III this week – as much as Blizzard has done to make the game work in the face of overwhelming demand to play it – will appreciate being able to read both sides of the argument.

But most of all it's interesting to see two editors from Eurogamer going at it over one of the most popular games this year – and they aren't even arguing about the gameplay. If anyone does give Diablo III a bad review I think Blizzard's decision to use an always connected scheme will player a major role in a diminished review score.

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    djnforce9 says:

    From the "What Diablo 3's Does Right" article:
    "You resume from your last checkpoint, but any character progress you made is saved."

    While your "character" progress is saved, all the maps, mobs, side quests, and dungeons reset every time you load and not only that but their locations change (they are server generated too). This means that if you are disconnected in the middle of a dungeon, not only can you not resume and finish, but you may not even find the dungeon again as it can instead be replaced with a merchant house or who knows what else. Only quest related dungeons are consistently placed on the map (albeit in varying locations) but what lies inside also resets with the rest of the map so you'll be starting on the first floor yet again.


    On the bright side, you'll never run out of randomly generated dungeons to gear and gold grind if that's your thing.

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