Facebook IPO Puts Stock at $38 a Share

The world's largest social network has set the price per share of its initial public offering at $38 a share. The stock is listed on NASDAQ today and there are 421.2 million shares available (180 million in new stock, and the rest with existing stockholders). If Facebook sells all of those shares at that price, the company could raise an estimated $16 billion and have a valuation of $104 billion.

Company owners plan to release an additional 63.2 million shares if the IPO under-writers think it is needed. Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will sell an estimated $1.2 billion in stock, but he will retain control of the company with 580 million remaining shares.

Today will obviously be a big day for the company but it will be interesting to see what the stock does once it’s been trading for a week or two…

For now, check out this nifty infographic to give you an idea of how Facebook put this whole thing together.

Source: GamesIndustry International

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