Japan Bans ‘Complete Gacha’ Mechanics in Games

The government of Japan has decided that it needs to ban 'complete gacha' mechanics in video games, particularly those used by companies like Namco Bandai, Gree and DeNa. Japan's Consumer Affairs Agency will ban 'complete gacha' mechanics because they see it as encouraging the addictive nature of gambling.

Complete gacha produces random items which players spend lots of money to collect complete sets of. In some games this could be card sets or other trinkets. The in-game mechanics are based on capsule toy machines common in Japan. Complete gacha requires players to accrue specific random items in order to obtain other rarer items.

This mechanic often comes with some sort of micro-transaction for each random item. Beginning July 1, any company selling a game that utilizes this mechanic will be subject to penalties, according to an Andriasang report.

Many of the country’s major mobile and online game developers have given up on using this mechanic after the government hinted that it would ban its use.

Source: GamesIndustry International

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