Origin Offers Free Distribution for Crowdfunded Games

May 18, 2012 -

Everyone is getting in on the crowdfunding bandwagon. Electronic Arts announced today that it will make life a little bit easier for anyone that successfully funds a game through a crowdfunding program such as Kickstarter by letting them sell their game on its Origin digital distribution platform for free for 90 days. While 90 days might not seem like a very long time let's keep in mind that the best sales usually come in the first two weeks of a game's release anyway...

"The public support for crowd-funding creative game ideas coming from small developers today is nothing short of phenomenal," said Origin SVP David DeMartini. "It's also incredibly healthy for the gaming industry. Gamers around the world deserve a chance to play every great new game, and by waiving distribution fees on Origin we can help make that a reality for successfully crowd-funded developers."

And when we say "free" we mean that the developers get to keep any money they make off the game on Origin, which is a pretty good deal. While we're not fans of Origin for a number of reasons, we do applaud EA for supporting developers who are willing to strike out on their own and take risks by letting the public fund their games..

Source: The Escapist by way of Andrew Eisen.


Re: Origin Offers Free Distribution for Crowdfunded Games

What a nice gesture, EA.  Now put Crysis 2 on Steam.

Re: Origin Offers Free Distribution for Crowdfunded Games

don't you mean "back" on steam? :p

tis where my copy still sits :)

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