Benefit Evil Board Game Marathon Charity Event in July

The organizers of Benefit Evil passed along a note to let us know that they will be hosting a special 24-hour-long event at the end of July (21 and 22). In a nutshell the Benefit Evil Crew will spend 24 hours playing various board games to benefit charity. Those antics will be broadcast via a live stream, just like its other annual event. They need your input to help them figure out which board games they should play so if you have any decent ones in mind, stop by their official Facebook page and let them know. I am pretty sure that they would welcome board games that do not involve zombies, but I doubt they would turn away from any suggestions involving zombies or the apocalypse.

In case you don't know, Benefit Evil is an annual Resident Evil game marathon that it broadcasts live in November. The guys and gals playing these games do so to raise money from the community to benefit the Child's Play charity. You can learn more about that here.

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