‘Father of the Internet’ Calls Out U.S. Government on CISPA

Legendary computer scientist and the man known as "the father of the Internet," Vint Cerf said during the Freedom to Connect conference in Washington on Monday that the International Telecommunications Union will become a "global Internet cop" by using a number of new tools being crafted by lawmakers. Cerf said that the ITU could push mandatory intellectual property laws as a way to strengthen web surveillance. The ITU is a United Nations agency that coordinates the shared global use of satellites, radio signals, broadband Internet and wireless technologies.

Cerf, who is an "Internet evangelist" (Vice President) at Google, had some particularly harsh words for the Cybersecurity and Intelligence Protection Act (CISPA), saying it wasn't specific enough on how shared information between government and corporations would be used. He also called hacktivists groups like Anonymous “counterproductive."

Cerf also said during the conference that governments around the world are using cybersecurity and other fears like piracy and counterfeit goods to hide efforts to crack down on political speech. He added that tech advocates that emphasize the role of the Internet in uprising like "the Arab Spring" have scared regimes around the world.

Finally, Cerf noted that there seems to be a contradiction in U.S. efforts to promote Internet freedom overseas, while at the same time pushing for laws at home that take away freedoms in the name of fighting cyber threats and online piracy.

Oddly enough Cerf did not talk about Google's silence on these new cybersecurity bills…

Source: Federal News Radio


*ECA has a related action alert for consumers to contact their representatives, here.


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