Fallout Developers Will Help Fallout Fan Series if They Raise Enough Cash

Season two of the ultra popular Fallout-based fan web series, Fallout: Nuka Break, will get the help of Fallout: New Vegas designer Chris Avellone and the original Fallout lead programmer Tim Cain – if they can raise $120,000 in their latest Kickstarter appeal. Both have agreed to sign on to season two as writers and designers and make guest appearances if the creators of the show can raise enough cash.

The original Fallout: Nuka Break was released as a short film, but it became so popular that its creators decided to make a series out of it. Fans helped by providing the funding for its first full season.

The Fallout: Nuka Break Kickstarter has 25 days remaining to reach its new goal, but it is already well on its way: the funding number currently sits at $94,968. Check out the video to your left for more information.

Source: Polygon

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    Kajex says:

    Right, because your single personal opinion was obviously the highlight of this article. If it didn't matter so much, you wouldn't have needed to respond.

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    MrKlorox says:

    Uh… By not giving a fraction of a fuck I'm already over it. You should be the one trying to get over comments you disagree with.

    No, seriously, that was an incredibly worthless comment.

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    MrKlorox says:

    No thanks. Fallout has become something completely different since the late 90's. Wasteland 2 is the closest thing to the original concept as far as I'm concerned, and that's where my money's going. Huge respect for Cain and Avellone, but I'm not supporting Bethesda's take on Fallout after what they did to the franchise with 3.

    edit: Also the "game" thing to verify I'm human is far more tedious than capcha and almost looks like an ad.

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