Sarasota, Florida Man Arrested for Tying Four-Year-Old Up to Play Video Games

A 27-year-old Sarasota, Florida man has been arrested for allegedly being a complete loser. According to police, Heath Howe has been charged with child abuse for tying his 4-year-old girl up with rope so he could play video games.

The child (who was not identified because of her age) told police that she was tied up with rope and left in the kitchen on May 17 by Howe while he was playing video games. The little girl added that she did not think she was being punished because Howe didn't say anything to her while he was tying her up.

The Sarasota Sherriff’s Office claims that the rope left ligature marks on the little girl’s left and right arms and red spots caused by a hemorrhage of blood vessels under the skin.

Police say that the mother was at the gym with a friend at the time of the incident.

The child also told police that she had been tied up before by Howe.

He is currently in jail and has been charged with child abuse.

[Full Disclosure: the author of this article is related to a Judge's administrative staffer in the Sarasota court system though he did not contact her about this particular story.]

Source: Sarasota Patch

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