Two Executives Leave 38 Studios

38 Studios has lost its CEO Jen MacLean and senior vice president of product development John Blakely, whose exits from the company have been uncovered in their LinkedIn profiles. MacLean updated her LinkedIn profile to show she had left the company back in March, though she had been out for two months on maternity leave at the time.

Blakely's profile was also recently updated to show that he left the company sometime this month and now lists his time at the studio in the past tense.

"In this role, I was responsible for leading the 38 Studios development teams in Baltimore, MD and Providence, RI."

38 Studios is currently facing financial problems, and has been forced to cut back on temporary and contract workers. The company has reportedly been having trouble making payroll as well.

We will continue to cover this story as it develops, but we are hoping that we start to hear some positive news coming out of the studio…

Source: GamesIndustry International

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