Demon's Souls Server to Stay Online 'Indefinitely'

May 25, 2012 -

Atlus USA delivered some great news to fans of its ultra popular online-focused RPG, Demon's Souls: the game's servers will not go offline. On April 12 Atlus had announced that it would be shutting the online servers down for the PS3 game on May 31.

But today a tweet from the company's official Twitter account, @AtlusUSA, revealed some great news:

‪#DemonsSouls‬ online will continue for the foreseeable future. Get your copy today and discover the online experience!

For those who already own the game and want to continue playing, they no longer have to worry about running out of time, and those who have not tried the game can do so as well.

Source: Kotaku


Re: Demon's Souls Server to Stay Online 'Indefinitely'

Dear Atlus:


Continues being awesome!!!!


                            Sincerely: The video gaming community.


seriously though, I got Trine 2 on Playstation Plus and it's lots of fun.

Re: Demon's Souls Server to Stay Online 'Indefinitely'

That's good news! Just bought the game two weeks ago because I heard the servers were going down. Now I can take my time to enjoy the full experience.

Re: Demon's Souls Server to Stay Online 'Indefinitely'

Oh wow!!! Thats great!!

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