Square Enix: Activision was 'Crazy' to Abandon True Crime: Hong Kong

May 25, 2012 -

In an interview with GamesBeat, Square Enix’s Mike Fischer says that Activision was crazy when it made the decision to abandon True Crime: Hong Kong. Mike Fischer is the president and chief executive of the U.S. division of Square Enix, who also happens to own Eidos. Here's what he had to say about Activision letting the game now known as Sleeping Dogs go:

GamesBeat: Sleeping Dogs (formerly Activision’s True Crime: Hong Kong) has an interesting history there. How did you redirect that games and put it on its current path?

Fischer: The game was, in a sense, discovered. I’m making air quotes: ‘discovered’ by the folks in Wimbledon. The minute they showed it to us, we really felt like we had found a diamond in the rough. Obviously the game was originally True Crime: Hong Kong from Activision. I can’t speak to why they let that go. I’m not going to speculate on their behalf. All I know is, they’ve gotta be crazy. Because this game is just fantastic. The scale and scope of the game really encompasses all of everything you’d want to do in Hong Kong. The acting, the story, the characters are very deep.

There’s clearly a lot of inspiration from [the movies] The Departed and Infernal Affairs. You play an undercover cop who starts to feel mixed loyalties. But the open world feels like Arkham City, the combat feels as good as a fighting game, the driving is as good as a Need for Speed, and the story is every bit as rich as compelling as a Mass Effect. All in one game. In a sense it reminds me a little bit of Dead Island, which Square Enix America did the sales and distribution for. Nobody had heard of that game coming into E3, and in the U.S. alone it sold over 2 million units. It’s great to have a sleeper.

There are some other interesting tidbits in the interview including the move towards digital distribution, selling games in Eastern and Western markets, the company's plans for E3 next month, the company's continued push into mobile and a whole lot more. Check it out at GamesBeat.

Source: GamesBeat


Re: Square Enix: Activision was 'Crazy' to Abandon True ...

Does this mean the game will have hour long cutscenes, melodrama, and characters of indeterminate gender?

Re: Square Enix: Activision was 'Crazy' to Abandon True ...

They didn't really screw up Deus Ex (except for those boss fights, which I still have nightmares over), I would highly doubt they would screw up this game. Then again, they did make FFXIV

Re: Square Enix: Activision was 'Crazy' to Abandon True ...

Hehe, in that vein I was just kidding, Square does some amazing work, they just need to take a break from Final Fantasy and give some of their other franchises some much deserved attention.

Re: Square Enix: Activision was 'Crazy' to Abandon True ...

I loved the first two True Crime games and have long looked forward to more.  Hopefully Sleeping Dogs comes out on a console I own.


Andrew Eisen

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