Report: Some Microsoft Employees Enjoy Illicit File-Sharing

Whatever side of the issue you are on, it is never a good thing when a company that is seen as a major rights holder rails against piracy and file-sharing and then gets called out for … piracy and file-sharing. Using the site, TorrentFreak has once again caught the employees of a major corporation engaging in the very thing that it publicly rails against and pays millions of dollars to fight. The company in question is Microsoft, whose employees were found to be downloading everything from porn movies and blockbuster Hollywood films to motivational eBooks.

Examples of items popular with Microsoft employees included the films "The Debt," "Bordertown," and "Blind"; the adult film "Rocco’s Psycho Love"; and eBooks such as "100 Great Painters" and "Cross-Train Your Brain: A Mental Fitness Program for Maximizing Creativity and Achieving Success."

Of course, past investigations using the site's collected data revealed similar chicanery at a number of other organizations and governments including the palace of the French President, the Church of God, the RIAA and the US House of Representatives…

Source: TorrentFreak

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