Trip Hawkins Steps Down as Digital Chocolate CEO

Electronic Arts co-founder Trip Hawkins announced via his official blog that he will step down from the role of CEO at mobile games company Digital Chocolate. Hawkins says that he will take an advisory role with the company he helped found.

"I am transitioning now into a consulting and advisory relationship with Digital Chocolate. For its next stage of growth, Digital Chocolate is narrowing its focus and it made sense to get more streamlined."

This news follows reports that the company has laid off 180 employees across all of its offices around the world – including some staff from its Sane Mateo, California headquarters.

Hawkins added that he plans to continue working in the game industry:

"I will remain involved in digital media and games and be available for opportunities including mentoring, consulting, teaching, speaking and writing," Hawkins wrote on his blog. His personal website is at

Source: Games Industry International

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