Las Vegas Shooting Ranges Popularized by Video Games, Movies

Forbes has an interesting article on the popularity of shooting ranges in Las Vegas and what one owner of a popular establishment thinks has driven the industry to grow over the last few years.

Places like The Gun Store have always been popular with gun enthusiasts who are as comfortable firing a machine gun or a high-powered rifle as they are eating dinner, but in recent years the clientele has shifted from that small select group to a more mainstream crowd. Mark Cole, owner of Guns and Ammo Garage, has some ideas on why the demographic has shifted so dramatically in recent years.

"It’s the video game industry that really got us going," he tells Forbes. "Ranges used to cater to gun enthusiasts. Now people come in who have never fired a gun at all, but they know all the models, exactly what they want to shoot, from playing Call of Duty. That’s the biggest one, but there are other games."

Because of this, Cole's establishment offers special packages that cater to the desires of gamers. One such package is called the "Call of Duty" package. It gives customers access to popular models found in the games like the FN P90, FN Scar, M4 Carbine, and a choice of a US Military 1911 or Beretta M9 pistol.

Cole also notes that war movies such as The Hurt Locker and Blackhawk Down have inspired citizens to check out guns from the films.

Cole also claims that many of his customers want to try the FN P90 because it is the weapon of choice of Secret Service agents, and a popular model used in many games and movies.

You can read more about this fascinating trend at Forbes.

Source: Forbes

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