Netflix Settles Class Action, Changes Policies on Saving Customer Rental Histories

May 30, 2012 -

Netflix has settled a class action lawsuit related to violating the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA). The VPAA holds that video rental companies cannot share the rental habits of its customers. U.S. District Court papers filed Friday reveal that Netflix has settled the class-action lawsuit filed against it in 2011. Netflix agreed not to hold onto data showing which movies its former customers rented for as long as it has in the past. Earlier this year the company announced that it had settled the lawsuit for $9 million in restitution and attorney’s fees, but didn’t divulge any of the changes it made to its policies.

The VPPA law was passed in 1988 as a direct response to the Superpose Court nominee Robert Bork, who had his Blockbuster rental history revealed during his Congressional approval hearings. It is also the same reason that video viewing habits cannot be shared on Facebook.

All parties involved in the lawsuit have asked Judge Edward Davila to approve the settlement by June 29.

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Re: Netflix Settles Class Action, Changes Policies on Saving ...

This decision might affect Netflix's capability to figure out what movies you will like, what your rating will be, and it will definitely affect whether or not you've seen the movie before.  It would be nice to be able to simply delete history items myself or configure the settings to a level that I find acceptable.

- Left4Dead Why are zombies always eating brains? I want to see zombies that eat toes for a living. Undead-related pun intended.

Re: Netflix Settles Class Action, Changes Policies on Saving ...

I believe the article says Netflix can't share the data. They can still use it for their internally for recommendations.


Re: Netflix Settles Class Action, Changes Policies on Saving ...

It looks like only former customers will have their data deleted. Current customers should not be affected. So your rental history, ratings etc should remain in tact as long as you remain a customer.

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