Blizzard’s Seoul Office Raided by Korean Government

In the continuing saga between the Korean government and Blizzard over Diablo III's launch in the region, the Korean Federal Trade Commission raided Blizzard's Seoul office on Monday. The raid was part of an ongoing investigation into consumer complaints that Blizzard refused to give them refunds for Diablo III. Under Korean law, companies must give a refund to a customer within seven days of purchase if they ask for it. Blizzard's position is that it does not give refunds for products that are in use.

The government agency contends that Blizzard is in violation of electronic commerce and commercial contract laws. The agency conducted the raid to seize documents and other evidence related to the investigation. Most of the complaints from Korean players relates to the launch of the game where many found themselves unable to play because they could not connect to a server. Because the game requires players to always be connected to this rendered the game unplayable for many on launch day.

"We have received many complaints from Diablo 3 users," FTC spokesman Kim Hyung-bae told the Korea Times.

Korea's FTC is also weighing whether or not Blizzard should be held liable for not preparing for the game's launch. The company later launched additional servers in Asia to alleviate some of the problems players were having in Korea and in other parts of the region.

We will have more on this story as it develops.

Source: Shacknews by way of Joystiq

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